Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Something Lovely for Your Tuesday

Today Begins the Week of Her Birthday

And I will bring her oranges, and a parasol,
And a poem on a letterhead.

On Tuesday
I will be empty-handed.

Wednesday I will bring her rice, and a dream
And peonies, and a knowledge of Italian.
And study her ear.

Thursday I will stay away.

Friday she will beam and put my
                       hand over her heart to hear it beat
                       and serve me rice and kiss my ear.
I will give her one wish.

On Saturday I will go barefoot to her
And dance her Greek dances
And let her see my love
In its place.

On Sunday she will be older
And we will cry and eat oranges
  Under our parasol
For the whole world to see.

                                     --Daniel J. Langton

Article on my dear professor Dan Langton:


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