Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Green Tea

Some time ago The Beauty Gypsy did a post on the many health benefits of green tea.
Today she addressed how green tea can be used topically to help with skin ailments. You can check out her post here.

Green tea to beautify skin? I have lots of that . . . I'm in!

You can find more topical recipes here. And also read about some interesting, and perhaps contradictory (but very practical) information on using green tea topically, here from the Acne Einstein.

I have been breaking out so badly lately and I am definitely going to be trying this. Hopefully it will help my poor, inflamed skin from the rapidly changing (and very unpredictable) weather!

I also came across this pretty interesting post from August Skin. There's a "right" way to wash your face? Who knew?? Perhaps this could also help my current skin woes, let's hope . . .Check it out here.

Happy brewing.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

kombucha snack

Kombucha (an ancient Chinese fermented tea with extolled health benefits) is now all the rage.

Unfortunately for my father and I, we have been making kombucha for years--about 9 to be exact. (Before it was popular and all the rage in the U.S. At the time people thought we were so weird because nobody had ever heard of it before.)

It's too bad--we could have made a fortune had we known our weird little fermented drink would take off like it did in mainstream grocery stores! We are kicking ourselves in the ass now. Oh well, too late.

This is really beside the point. We still brew our own kombucha tea and experiment with flavors.
If you are in the Contra Costa area (Pleasant Hill/Concord/Walnut Creek) and are looking to brew your own and need a scoby (a baby kombucha culture) I have way too many and would be happy to give you one.

Yesterday my dad invented a very healthy kombucha snack.
Here is his recipe.

two apples, cut into bite size pieces
1/2-3/4 cup of favorite fruit flavored kombucha tea (either store bought or home made)
nuts or granola

Cut apples into bite size pieces and spread on bottom of casserole or baking dish.
Pour kombucha tea over apples and sprinkle with cinnamon.
Bake at 295 degrees for 30 minutes.
Take out and spoon into bowls.
Add a dollop of all or one of: yogurt, berries, nuts and/or granola on top.


If you want to read more about kombucha tea's supposed health benefits, I've listed some sites below for your reading pleasure. Decide for yourself if you think this stuff is a sham or a health wonder--but don't let it's "gross" looking cultures deter you.