Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Lip Plump

Alright girls, so we like our lips to look nice and puckery (is that even a word?) know what I mean...but lip plumping tubes and such are usually a bit expensive. Sooo here is what I like to call the college girl's lifetime supply of lip plump formula. It is only two ingredients, you ready?:
1) Petroleum Jelly
2) Cinnamon Essential Oil
Let us reason here. So let's say that one tube of whatever lip plumping formula you buy is on average around $8-$10. I think that is a reasonable assumption. And let's say that you go through two tubes a year. So that is not that much a year. BUT with these two ingredients, buy them both and you are saving because they will last you at least two years, but probably even three if you use them sparingly. You are saving even if you go through only one tube of store-bought lip plump a year! Any generic brand petroleum jelly (a tub of it) is around $3.00. And a bottle of Cinnamon Essential Oil is on average $8.00. I buy mine at Sprouts, but I am sure you can find it at Whole Foods or any other health food store around. A little bit of cinnamon oil goes a very, very long way.
And then, a little jar, perhaps from makeup that you have used up already. Or, you can always go to Michaels! They have trays of little jars like the jar shown below for pretty cheap, which is unusual since I would argue that that store is pretty expensive most of the time.
I like my lip plump to be very potent, so I put a little more cinnamon essential oil than I am recommending here:
Mix approximately
2.5 teaspoons of petroleum jelly
with about
7 drops of cinnamon essential oil.
Mix them really well, and there you go!
You have a great lip plumping treatement, and A LOT of ingredients to spare--like three years worth of refills!
Usage: I would recommend putting this on your lips at the beginning of doing your makeup. Your lips will tingle a little, probably start to become a little numb. Then, by the time you are done applying all of your makeup, the lip plumping action has done its work and you can wipe it off gently with a clean towel and apply your lipstick or lipstain or lipgloss onto perfectly pouty lips (and moisturized lips too, I might add).
Oh what magic, and it is so simple!
So let's say that you have just read this whole post, but you are still not convinced, and would still rather just buy some lip plump treatment for cheap. Ok. Here is what I recommend:
This E.L.F. Prime/Plump duo is only $3!!! Since it is a duo, you do not get a lot of either the primer or the plumper, but I really do like the plumping end, and it will last you at least six months.  I am not a huge fan of the primer though. You can get this lip duo here.
I hope you all got something out of this post! Let me know how making the lumping formula goes. And sorry this post is so late! I had to celebrate a little with my girl Shannon with some pizza for finishing her last final of the semester! (-:
Have a great night and a lovely Friday!

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