Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Tip to GLOW

So one secret, or maybe it isn't necessarily a secret, but a little hint to get glowing skin is one simple ingredient:
This wonderful spice is anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic.
This is the brand I use because it's organic, but any brand will do.
So there are so many DIY face masks out there. One popular and very simple, but effective, face mask is raw honey, nutmeg, and cinnamon. This is an awesome mask that disinfects and exfoliates--but add tumeric and you get even more of a glow effect.
One face mask I have posted about consists of honey, plain yogurt and raw apple cider vinegar. This is another great mask that can be made even better by adding a few shakes of turmeric.
In India, a traditional mask for brides before they get married uses turmeric because of the intense glow that it can give your skin.
Normally I would not direct you to a dr. oz website, I don't know just doesn't seem right, ha, maybe that's just me! But I think this website here has some good information and also another great face mask using turmeric--it tells you the traditional turmeric paste that Indian brides put on before their weddings.
I have also heard of girls putting a 1/8 tsp of turmeric into their liquid foundation to get that glowing color. I tried this by dumping a little liquid foundation into my palm and mixing a dash of turmeric powder with it, but it was a little too orange for my skin color, but I may have used a little too much turmeric powder. Also, I have super light skin coloring. As in porcelain, which means that it will look very different on different skin tones and I could see how this would look great on someone with slightly darker skin, more yellow skin tone, or just has a really great tan going on!
Disclaimer: Turmeric dyes! So be aware if you want to try this that it does dye your sponges and if you wipe it on a towel, that color is probably not going to be washed away any time soon. Just make sure that you have completely rinsed off your face mask before you go to dry your face.
Happy GLOWING days and have a wonderful NYE!

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