Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello There and the VS Fashion Show

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I decided I need an outlet because my head is filled with all of these obsessions over makeup and beauty products...why not share all that knowledge and get other peoples opinions at the same time?

Sooo, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is tonight. Don't tell me you didn't know! Yeah, well, I didn't realize it was that time again until yesterday either...oops!

I have conflicting feelings about the VS show. First, immediately after watching it I always feel a little down about myself (who wouldn't after sitting next to your boyfriend who was just glued to the TV for the past hour?) BUT, then, a few hours go by...maybe a day...and the initial "OMG I will never look like that EVER" wears off, and I sort of want to TRY to look somewhat like them. It makes me want to feel pretty even more (now that I have my boyfriends attention again...I have motivation to keep it!)

I am an avid reader of Cara's blog maskcara which you can read here. She always has great tips about VS beauty. One of her main tips is to  HAC (highlight and contour). It is one of those really great, but so simple makeup tips that can make a really huge difference.

When it comes to highlighting and contouring, I have had a lot of trouble finding the right colors to HAC with. I absolutely love E.L.F, you can visit their website here. They now have a HAC kit which comes with the blush and the bronzer perfectly matched to get the right HAC shades. And even better...it's only $3! Which is waayyy less money than if you were to buy the blush and bronzer separately.

I have very pale skin, so the shade that I use is called St. Lucia (pictured above). Get it here. They have two other shades that I hear also work just as great on different skin tones. I also have very sensitive skin and this powder does not irritate my skin at all.

I will post before and after HAC pictures soon!

Ya'll have a wonderful day and don't let those Victoria's Secret models get ya down--you are beautiful. You have to remember most people in the world do not look like that. I have met some really gorgeous people and the most beautiful people I have ever met look nothing like Victorias Secret models! Beauty comes in all different forms.

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