Friday, January 11, 2013

Toilet Seat Covers

Want a weird tip?
Oily face? Sweaty from dancing in a club or from being smashed between bodies in a crowded bar?
In a pinch...or even not in a pinch...use the smooth side of a toilet seat cover to wipe you face clean.
Oil blotting papers are usually not that expensive, but are honestly just not necessary to spend your money on. I have found that using toilet seat covers to blot the oil from my face sometimes works even better than some oil blotting papers that I have bought from the store or cosmetic companies.
Toilet seat covers absorb the oil from you skin, erasing shine and leaving you with a nice matte finish without taking off your makeup.
There are two sides to the toilet seat cover. One is more papery, and one is much smoother and feels like waxed paper. Use the waxed, smooth side.
This has definitely saved me a few times!
Really, anywhere you are, you are almost definitely going to be able to find a bathroom which almost always has a toilet seat cover in it.
Just one less thing you have to carry around with you in your purse--although, you could steal a few seat covers and fold them nicely or rip them into squares and keep them with you in a little baggy or something.
I know it's weird, but it's free! And who really cares? They are free, sanitary and they get the job done. Sounds awesome to me!
Because you can find them anywhere and everywhere you will never be without any options if you have oily skin or you are stuck rushing across campus on a hot day in spring or summer. Sounds great to me, you are covered at school, work, a restaurant, in a bar, on a date...

Not convinced? Here are some that I like, but I have to say, they cost more than toilet seat covers since they are not free, and they work just about the same!

I hope you find this useful!
Happy Friday

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