Thursday, January 17, 2013


As I have gotten older, I have really begun to value a nice lip color without the intense shine that comes along with most lipsticks and always comes along with lipgloss.

My new obsession, matte lipstick.

This is my recent favorite--the perfectly sophisticated, bold red: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella.

This red has blue undertones which make it ideal for fair complexions.

This color is matte but it doesn't dry out lips or become cakey or crumble which I have come across with matte formulas before. Also, like most matte formulas, this stuff is definitely long-lasting and stays put.

Another matte obsession...matte nailpolish.

This color is called Matte is Murder by ManGlaze. You can visit their website chalk-full of all matte nailpolish in so many cool colors here. Not to mention, they have the coolest names for their colors--Matte is Murder? Fuggenugly? They also have artwork on all of their bottles cutomized to the color of the nailpolish inside. Pretty awesome and unique.

I will have pictures up sssooonn. In the mean time, you can check out the finished Matte is Murder here. It's a pretty good picture and it is exactly what the finish looks like.

Sometimes, it is just so much better to have a matte color on your nails. It can be classy when you have something like a job interview to go to and don't want your nail polish to be really flashy. It's also a good fix if you have a color that you like but it is just too bright for an occasion.

Here is an affordable, clear matte topcoat that I like. It can be applied to transform any color nailpolish into matte.

More to come on matte lipstick and nailpolish!

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