Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY Herbal Concealer: Part 2 of 2

Your very own, home-made, cruelty-free, herbal concealer/foundation. For background information on these ingredients, refer to this post.
Concealer Formula:
1/4 rounded tsp of Organic CINNAMON
1/8 tsp rounded WHITE WILLOW BARK Powder
1/8 rounded tsp ROSEHIP Powder
1/8 rounded tsp WITCH HAZEL Powder
1/8 flattened tsp BURDOCK ROOT Powder
1/8 flattened tsp MARSHMALLOW ROOT Powder
1/4 rounded tsp MICA (translucent)
1/4 rounded tsp KAOLIN Powder
1/2 rounded tsp ARROWROOT Powder
Be careful with some of these herbs because they can give you a tone that you do not want. Marshmallow root powder can give your concealer/foundation a slightly sallow tinge if you use too much of it. Willow Bark can give a slightly grey tint if you use too much of it, and rosehips powder can easily overpower the concoction and give it too much of an orange color if too much is added.
These colors, used together in the right amount, work very well. You can also use these colored herbs to modify the color of your concealer. If you have yellow undertones to your complexion, then the marshmallow root's yellowish tint is great for you. I have pink undertones in my complexion, which is why I used mostly cinnamon to overpower the color of my concealer.
Make sure to really grind these ingredients into a fine powder. It is easy to miss some of those cinnamon grains--these will not blend if you do not really grind the ingredients into each other. I use a mortar and pestle which can be found here
I used the arrowroot powder to lighten the formula until it was the right light pink/beige for my skin. You may not have super light skin like me. If this is the case, you may either want to use more of the other colored herbs, or simply less arrowroot powder, but as an added ingredient, arrowroot powder is good for your skin and works really well at absorbing oil.
Mixing Stage

Containers for your DIY concealer/foundation can be found here but I would suggest just using an empty container from old makeup if you have one lying around.
Finished Product

If you would like to refer back to how to do DIY at-home Mineral Veil, refer to this post.

I hope you all give this a try and I hope it goes well!

Here is a picture of my bunny Lola and I...just for the heck of it (-:


**This post has been updated with pictures, sorry for the delay!**

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