Sunday, May 26, 2013

done. with. school.

It's officially time for summer break.
Summer means fresh fruit and clear skin. Yay!
Eating fresh fruit like honeydew melon and watermelon can give you skin a boost of radiance. Also drinking tons of water can help get you bikini ready as well as make your skin glow.
If you are like me, you have super pale skin. If you aren't like me--then lucky you! Either way, you can cut your risk of skin cancer in half by using sunscreen. For oily/acne/problem skin, there are a few sunscreen that I highly recommend getting ASAP. But even if you are lucky enough to not have problem skin, these sunscreen are packed with yummy skin ingredients that would do anyones skin some good.
I never buy a product before reading as many reviews on it as I possibly can, and apparently this is the holy grail of sunscreens for people with problem skin. I had to have it. And guess what? It is everything people said. It is definitely matte so there is no oiliness or greasiness at all. It absorbs super quick. AND it is chalk-full of awesome ingredients for your skin like green tea (which helps aid in sun protection as well) and also antioxidants and vitamins. Sephora doesn't carry Dermalogica products and Ulta didn't have this specific sunscreen in their store, so I opted to order it from Amazon. I ended up paying $40 for it.
This is genius. Powder sunscreen? Uh, yes please! This mineral sunscreen is great because it is a) so incredibly easy to put on and re-apply because it can go on top of your makeup and it fits right into your purse and b) on hot, sweaty days (and even not sweaty days) it doubles as a mineral veil. It contains willow bark which is a natural source of salicylic acid which is great for acne and it contains vitamins as well. I was afraid that this stuff would leave a white cast on my face when I applied it. I knew that something had to happen, it was just too good to be true--but no! This stuff goes on so well and doesn't cake or leave white powdery marks on your face. It blends seamlessly and makes skin look matte and refined. Some people find that the brush bristles are too stiff, but I thought they were fine. But if you have super sensitive skin, you might want to keep that in mind. I ordered this off Amazon for about $18.
Get ready for summer!

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