Saturday, March 9, 2013

Quick Tips: Enlarged Pores

Hey all! I'm so sorry I have not posted in forever. I have been completely swamped with school and work. Craziness! Here are more "quick tips" for those last-minute emergencies.

Are you looking in the mirror thinking, really? Why do my pores have to be the most clogged they have been in ages today of all days? Here are some quick fixes.


·         Tip 1: Exfoliate, Exfoliate (as far in advance as possible...)

o    SCRUB for a full minute with...

§  Baking Soda

§  Cornmeal (Warning: very abrasive!)

§  Sugar or Brown Sugar

§  Epsom salt

§  TIP: You can mix fresh lemon juice, tea tree oil, or lavendar essential oil with any of these scrubs for added benefits.

·         Tip 2:

o    Use toner, you can find my DIY toner here.

o    Use Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

§  Just pour on a cotton ball and rub all over your face, let dry, then moisturize.

·         Mask 1:

o    Egg Whites

§  Egg whites tighten pores and draw out impurities. Just whip up some egg whites and apply all over your face and let dry before you rinse it off.

§  TIP: To get an even deeper pore cleansing, add a few drop of tea tree oil to your egg whites before you apply to your face.
Something else that may really help is to dry brush your face. I'm sure you have heard of dry brushing for your body, but this can also really help cell turnover and exfoliation for your face as well.
Dry brushing is when you take a dry stiff-bristle brush and brush your whole body, in long upward strokes to help with detoxification and circulation. Dry brushing can help with cellulite and ripples in the skin. You always want to brush towards your heart. Once the skin is wet it is more sensitive and doing this while in the shower can possibly cause damage to the skin.
For the face, instead of a brush, I use an exfoliating glove like the one below. I rub it over my face in small circular motions.

TIP: You can also use this glove instead of a brush for dry brushing all over the body--it is a great exfoliator. I use it on my back and shoulders as well as my face. You can find these gloves at most drug stores. I found this one at a grocery store.  


  1. Great tips! In the past I have used the Earth Therapeutics facial brush and it worked wonders!

    1. I will definitely have to check that out--thanks!