Thursday, March 14, 2013

health kick

Lately I've been on a health kick. That means health smoothies/green drinks to brighten and clear my skin, give me more energy and to look good and feel better on the inside.


Maybe it's the impending spring...and then summer...and the way the weather has started to warm up in the Bay Area. It just feels like swim suit season is already here when, in all reality, it is only March...we still have April showers and what-not to get through. But that's not an excuse--no matter what time of year it is, it's always the right time to be healthy.

AZ last summer--oh how I am looking forward to this summer! Baby cow is one hour old. Momma looks proud.

I thought I would share a green smoothie with you all that I like to make. It's not that crazy or anything and  it tastes good.

I blend it in a magic bullet but any blender will do. I like the bullet because it has individual cups with lids so I can bring my drink to work with me (-:


1/2 apple
1/4 cucumber (with skin)
1/2 lemon (with peel)
1 TBL ground chia seeds
handful/bunch of cilantro
1 cup spinach
a few (2-3) kale stems
a little water

There are so many different ways you could customize this drink.
You can peel the lemon if you prefer.
You could use an orange instead of a lemon. I leave the peel on because that's where a lot of the vitamin c is.
You can skip the chia seeds if you don't have any--you could also replace with ground flax seed if you have that instead.
Last night I didn't have any cucumber, so I skipped that ingredient.

Basically--there is no reason you can't make this drink unless you are out of more than three or four of the ingredients. You could make a drink with just orange and spinach if that was all you had!

One really optional and random ingredient is the kale stems.

The reason why I add kale stems is 1) they have so many vitamins and nutriets 2) I make kale chips and I always feel bad about throwing away the stems so I am always trying to find a way to put them to good use so now I just keep them and add them to my smoothies. They are full of fiber!

Have a better recipe? Please share it with us!

In the mean time, if you don't like my recipe...check out this page I found from Healthy Girls Kitchen blog.

It is the biggest list of green smoothies I have ever seen in my life!

Did you click on the link yet? OMG I have NEVER seen such a HUGE variety of green smoothies! How can I possibly choose which ones to try!?

Let us all know if you try any that are particularly good....or particularly bad (-:


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